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Strawberry Banana Treats for the Kids!

There are two raw food recipe questions that come up often. One is, what do I do with the left over pulp when I make nut milks, and the second, do you have any raw food recipes for kid’s snacks. I thought I would tackle both of them with the same recipe! Using the dehydrated pulp from my almond milk, and also a combination of strawberry and banana (always a favorite of my girls) I threw together these quick little snack “cookies”. They are tasty, super healthy and your kids will love them. No artificial colors, flavors or white stuff!

You can read all about raw flaked oats here: Raw Flaked Oats
You start by dehydrating the pulp from your nut milk. I used almond.

Throw it into the blender and you get a beautiful almond flour.

Mix ingredients, spread on nonstick sheet and top with strawberries!


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  1. Cathy wrote on August 4, 2014

    I have an allergy to oats, is there something I can substitute? Thanks!

    • Susan wrote on August 21, 2014

      Any other flaked grain should work. Cheers!


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