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Cleaning Up, Cleaning Out

The snow has been falling continuously since yesterday morning. I am all tucked in with the pups, getting ready for the Rawmazing Easy Raw Foods book launch tomorrow.

I have also been taking a personal inventory, as I tend to do at this time of year. What are the areas that I want to work on, what parts of my life need examination. What things that used to feel like protection have now become a burdens, obstacles to the life I want to be living? Even with all this snow, I know that spring is coming and along with it, the desire to cast off the things in my life that aren’t creating a positive flow of energy.

I look in my closet and think, why have I kept so many clothes that I will never wear again. What is the attachment? At one point, they were security. Hangers full of old “friends”, waiting patiently for me to call to them into service. Some have been waiting for years.

It all seems so innocent until one day, I wake up, look at those same clothes and start feeling suffocated. Overwhelmed by the weight, I want them gone. I want to send them off to someone who could actually use them, and let them make a new friend. I want the lightness that I will feel when I release what has now become a burden.

So many things in our life are like that. Food and weight especially. Sometimes, we put on weight to protect ourselves, not even realizing that is the reason. And the instrument we use to do it, the food we eat, takes on that same role as friend. And then the battle starts.

We want to keep our “friends” around. We are used to them. They are comfortable. But we realize that we no longer need the burden that they have created. That is where the challenge comes in. We want the burden to be gone but we don’t want to give up our “friends”.

When people start eating raw food, they can easily be attracted to only the foods that remind them of their old favorite foods. You know the ones, desserts, dehydrated masterpieces. A lot of the recipes on this site fall into that category.

So, how do you make the transition in a healthy way? First, get rid of the thought that just because a raw cheese cake is made with healthy ingredients, #1- you can eat the whole thing in one or two sittings without consequences, and #2- I’ll just eat this for breakfast because it is healthy. The best way to eat a piece of raw cheesecake is to have a small slice (believe me a little goes a long way) after a dinner of raw, fresh food.

While I love all of the raw desserts I make, it is always important to remember, it is dessert and should be treated as such. They are made with healthy ingredients. But they are still calorie dense and you need to make sure your calories are coming from all kinds of healthy sources, not just dessert!

The main part of your diet should consist of fresh greens, veggies and fruit. I posted a recipe for a raw pizza the other day (here). I love that pizza. And when I eat it, I usually have a small piece along with a big green salad. Spread the calories between your more dense, dehydrated treats and the fresh stuff. That way you will be able to start releasing your burden (the extra weight) with out having to give up all of your friends.

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  1. Susana wrote on March 10, 2011

    Thank you so much! can’t wait….

  2. susana wrote on March 8, 2011

    I just found yor site and I love it! I started to take better care of myself about 6 months ago and the results were amazing! My energy level was amazing. I told my husband that i used to feel like this a long time ago and now I have found it again. No more low grade headaches, no more GERD symptoms…just feeling great. What I found was that after 4 months, I started to crave foods that I know I don’t react well to. how can I fend off these urges? Any input will be appreciated. PS I know in my mind that I will feel bad after eating this particular food, but I do it any way. I feel like once I start, it is very difficult to stop. Then I find myself back at square one.

    • Susan wrote on March 8, 2011

      Actually, I am working on just the thing. I will be releasing it next Tuesday….stay tuned!!!

  3. Laura wrote on February 22, 2011

    I found this post to be a gentle and loving reminder of where to shift my focus. Spring does feel like a time to release so many things. Old resentments, old fears, clothes that no longer fit (but maybe will “someday”), as well as body weight that is weighing me down. I always enjoy your messages. Thank you once again for inspiring me.

  4. Cliff wrote on February 22, 2011

    This is a great post. I get very caught up in “gourmet” raw eating… I love whatever reminds me of those “old friends” hahaha…

    It’s funny though, when you begin to approach raw foods from that more health-conscious mindset, that positive energy really does flow. The way you feel makes you re-evaluate your food choices, and even a cluttered closet! Thank you for this inspiring post! (I just ate 1/2 a tub of raw ice cream… whoops…) 🙂



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