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Raw Food Biology 101: Cells

Farmers-Market-4Why should we be eating more raw foods? It all starts with our cells, the building blocks of the human body. Cells are the smallest living organisms in the body and we have an estimated 100 trillion of them. that is a lot of cells! Cells are constantly renewing themselves. It is widely known that our health and longevity depends on the health of our cells

So, how do we keep our cells, the building blocks of our bodies, healthy? It’s all about nutrition. It’s all about what we feed our cells. It’s all about living, raw food. Our skin cells completely regenerate in only 28 days. And our hearts, 30 days.

The health of these new cells depend on the quality and amount of nutrients that they are receiving. Your cells take in nutrients and do their job. Cells need the proper nutrition. If they are not getting it, your body, which is built of cells, will not work properly.  Your body does not function well and poor health and disease can be a result. If your cells get the proper nutrition, you will flourish!

Two of the important jobs that cells do are protect your DNA and provide you with energy. Because your DNA is stored in your cells, they have devised a way to keep it safe. Poor diet can cause your DNA to become damaged. This damage can affect the ability of your cells to produce energy, and can cause your cells to die early. This can result in damage to your tissue and can increase your chance of more serious diseases such as cancer, in the future.

Think about it…what are you feeding your cells? Are you eating nutrient rich food and providing them with everything they need? We know that living raw food, food in it’s purest form, free from the damage of cooking can supply our cells with the highest level of nutrients. Living raw food can determine the health of your cells which determines the health of your body. Our wellness can be determined by what we eat.

It makes sense to start eating more raw food. Feed your cells first. If you can get your diet to even 51% raw, you will begin to see changes in your health. think of it this way…you need to eat the healthy stuff (raw) first. Give your cells what they need to thrive. You will see a big difference in how you feel.

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  1. Lori- pure2raw wrote on September 27, 2009

    Great post. That is why I love my raw foods. You are totally right about even if you incorporate some raw foods into your diet can be very beneficial. I am trying to get my family to drink more smoothies!

    • Susan wrote on September 27, 2009

      I think that the smoothies, especially the green ones are one of the easiest, tastiest things that give us the biggest bang for the to speak. Imagine if everyone just had one of those a day, it would make a huge difference! Maybe world peace? 🙂

  2. MarathonVal wrote on September 25, 2009

    It was good for me to read your last sentence about reaping the benefits even when you are only at 51% raw… I kinda fell off the raw bandwagon awhile back, and I definitely miss the benefits! Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Eating Raw Foods Info wrote on September 23, 2009

    There can be many benefits to eating more raw foods. Don’t feel like you have to ONLY eat raw foods, but add in more as you are able. Start by adding a salad to lunch and dinner. Eat some fresh fruit with breakfast. Some simple measures can go a long way.


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