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BBQ Crackers the Raw Food Way

People often ask, “What is the one raw food item that you wouldn’t want to be without?”. For me, it is flat bread and crackers. I always make sure that there is a batch in the cupboard. I never wait for the first batch to be gone before starting a new one. Coming up with new raw food cracker recipes is always a fun challenge. And boy, can these satisfy a craving.



I love this raw food recipe is because of its versatility. Throw on a few veggies or sprouts and you have a healthy snack. They are also great with spreads and make beautiful appetizers.  This recipe for BBQ crackers is one of my favorites. They have a great consistency. Not super hard like a lot of the crackers. They have a nice mouth feel.

The crackers are pictured with avocado and tomato, one of my favorite toppings.

Chef’s Tip

Make sure your BBQ spice mix only contains herbs and spices. Many put additives and sugar in them.

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