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Broccoli, Mushroom “Stir Fry” is stirred, but not fried. Creating new raw food recipes is something that I love to do. Even more fun is getting surprised along the way. When I started this recipe, I had something very different in mind. As I started throwing ingredients together, I was taken in a completely different direction. The result is a very quick and easy “stir fry” that will please everyone. This raw food recipe will banish all of your excuses! It is not complicated, it does not take too much time and the flavors are great.



A quick marinade, chop a few veggies, toss and eat. Parsnips make up the “rice”. I am becoming very fond of parsnip rice!




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  1. Sarah wrote on September 6, 2018

    This looks amazing! I can hardly wait to get parsnip to make rice. I just started eating raw, so need lots of new receipes.
    My question is what to use instead of oil in the marinade. I’ve only been using whole unprocessed raw foods.

  2. Kay wrote on June 11, 2017

    What is Nama Shoyu?

    • Susan wrote on June 11, 2017

      Hi, Kay, It is a type of soy sauce. Thanks for asking!


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