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Eggplant No Fry Veggie Fries!

Who says “fries” have to be deep-fried potatoes? These raw eggplant veggie fries are super simple and so delicious. A quick chop and  soak in the marinade and away you go! I made these in my dehydrator but you can certainly experiment with your oven. Just note if you really want them raw the food temperature needs to stay under 115 degrees. Also, ovens do function differently than dehydrators so keep an eye on them if you choose to go that route.


Eggplant Fries Eggplant "Fries"


They would make a great side for Raw Mushroom Burgers!

Just a quick note: My favorite mandoline (for slicing) is the Benriner Mandoline . It makes slicing eggplants and other veggies a breeze and is inexpensive. I have seen Benriners used in the top kitchens in the US.


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  1. Christine wrote on April 28, 2020

    Wow, this was surprisingly delicious! Thanks for the inspiration!


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