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Endive Pomegranate Salad

I am often asked where the inspiration for my recipes comes from. Almost universally, it is the ingredients that inspire me. I often just browse the produce section, grabbing things that catch my eye. On my last trip, two items really stood out – endive and pomegranates. They combine in this recipe to not only make a delicious salad, but also to provide you a super-healthy meal!



I have been reading a lot about Belgian endive lately. Endive contains a substance called kaempferol which is a natural cancer fighter. There are studies that show that when cancer cells are exposed to kaempferol, they die. A study in the Netherlands associates eating endive with a reduction in ovarian cancer. Kaempferol is also anti-angiogenic, meaning that it helps stop cancers from being able to grow the blood vessels that feed them.  There is a wonderful TED talk by Dr. William Li on angiogenisis. Click here for the to see it: Dr. William Li

Pomegranates are another amazing food in the fight against disease and also increasing the amount of nutrients in our diet.

Some of the benefits of pomegranates include the following:

  1. Lower Risk of Heart Disease
    Lower Risk of Blood Clots
    Lower Risk of Prostate & Breast Cancer
    Lower Blood Pressure
    Reduced Cholesterol
    Reduced Impact of Free Radicals

Pomegranates are also very high in anti-oxidants and are a significant source of fiber (in the seeds). Endive and pomegranates are the main ingredients in this salad. Combined with apple and a wonderful maple mustard vinaigrette, it makes a beautiful salad full of the flavor of fall.


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  1. SweatyGirl wrote on November 8, 2011

    Gorgeous recipe! I am new to your site (and to raw) and I have found such a wealth of info and recipes (and personality!) here, and I can’t thank you enough.
    You clearly put so much work, dedication, and love into this blog and lifestyle and I want to say thank you – for sharing that!

  2. Carissa wrote on November 5, 2011

    It turned out great! We’ve had a lovely dinner. Thank you Susan! 🙂

  3. sheryl wrote on November 4, 2011

    Yum! It was great! 🙂

  4. Sandy Dereba wrote on November 4, 2011

    I have tried this and it really is an amazing recipe. Easy to do, very practical and just yummy-healthy.

  5. Chris wrote on November 3, 2011

    Awesome! Just purchased two large pomegranates last night!

  6. Libbi wrote on November 3, 2011

    I lOVE sharing your recipes on Pinterest! This looks amazing…it WIL be on my dinner plate tonight!

  7. Heather wrote on November 3, 2011

    This looks absolutely amazing! I love raw food, but with our seriously long winters in maine, I feel like I need soup and bread 🙂 Any ideas?

  8. Ann Brown wrote on November 2, 2011

    How many pomegranates? And how many salads (sized as seen in the picture) does this recipe make? Thanks

    • Susan wrote on November 2, 2011

      You need about 1 cup of pomegranate seeds. I got that out of one large pomegranate. The salad would serve 4 but if you used it as a main meal, maybe only 2. Depends on how big of servings you like.

  9. Amanda wrote on November 2, 2011

    I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did! I love the combination of whole-foods-based recipes and health-related information about their ingredients’.

    This maple vinaigrette, in particular, sounds fantastic!


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