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Mushroom Leek Tart

Who says you can’t do raw food in the winter? We have our dehydrators, and some great techniques that will enable us to recreate some of our favorite dishes with all of their nutrients and enzymes intact! I happen to love leeks. I love tarts. Thrown together with some marinated mushrooms and spinach, you have a healthy, beautiful, gourmet dish that is worthy of your holiday table! Take a look at the ingredients. Instead of using butter, cream and eggs, we use a few cashews! This is super easy and delightful. You will love this mushroom leek tart.


Raw Food Recipe: Leek Tart


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  1. bitt wrote on December 8, 2009

    Michal–a lot of people sub sunflower seeds for cashews. sometimes there is a bit of a sunflower taste so it depends on if the other flavors in the recipe are strong enough to mask it.

  2. bitt wrote on December 8, 2009

    i have a question–i don’t have a tart pan. could i just use a 8×8 glass pan? i also have mini-tart pans. no foil either.

    • Susan wrote on December 8, 2009

      You can use the 8 x 8 but it just won’t un-mold well.

  3. El wrote on December 7, 2009

    What a lovely tart. Looks delicious!

  4. Michal wrote on December 6, 2009

    This look so amazing, but do you think it would be possible to sub another nut/seed for cashews? They are so expensive here 🙁

  5. Veggie Wedgie wrote on December 6, 2009

    This sounds delightful! I happen to love leeks and mushrooms as well! Holy yum!

  6. polly raichert wrote on December 6, 2009

    I have two questions Susan. Are the cashews soaked and how do you place a tart pan in a round dehydrator? Do you have to use a square one with removable shelves. ( My next purchase:)

    • Susan wrote on December 6, 2009

      As you know, I always soak my nuts as soon as I get them but these do not have to be “wet” for the recipe. Also, you can use your round dehydrator if you use small enough tart pans. the 4″ might work. Then you would make little tarts and cut back the dehydration time.

  7. Ida wrote on December 6, 2009

    I think I’ll get the fixin’s for this today and start marinating the mushrooms tonight. It looks yummy!


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