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Pears with Cacao Ganache and Cinnamon

Making an impressive dessert for company doesn’t have to difficult and it can be nutritious! This simple recipe calls for a thin coating of cacao ganache, topped with almonds and pecans that have wonderful fall spices mixed in. It comes together quickly, tastes marvelous and looks beautiful! One pear easily serves two people.




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  1. Anna wrote on October 10, 2011

    So yummy sounding and looking, plus pretty much what I was in the mood for. And since I actually had all these ingredients, I just went into the kitchen to make this. But… a puzzler: the ganache is dripping right off the pear! How do I get it to stay on as well as hold the nuts to it?

    For what it’s worth, I only use half of the coconut oil because I’m not crazy about the taste and the mixture was alreay plenty liquid enough. But now I’m wondering how more or less oil will affect the sticking-ness of the ganache. I imagine it’d be even drippier if I used more oil? Any thoughts?

  2. Kocinera wrote on October 10, 2011

    These pears are so beautiful! With all the heavier desserts that appear in the fall and winter, something like this sounds so light and so yummy.

  3. MotorCityMoxie wrote on October 9, 2011

    This photo looks both beautiful and delicious. I’m going to try this as my after dinner dessert.

  4. Cora wrote on October 8, 2011

    Yummy….almost to beautiful to eat….pears are so good this time of year. company would be so impressed

  5. Razia wrote on October 8, 2011

    Looks Good, probably this would be good with Strawberries as well, I sure wanna try them

  6. sara wrote on October 7, 2011

    These pears look lovely! What a gorgeous photo…these would be so delicious. 🙂

  7. Scott wrote on October 7, 2011

    Just love this pear number…it looks speci too…Ive justed tweeted your page in the hope my newspaper picks up for tonights edition…love your work…kind regards Scott – Noosa, Australia


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