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Quick and Easy Raw, Vegan Breakfast Pudding

I don’t know about you, but breakfast can stump me. Especially during the week. We get into such a rut of making the same thing every day. It get’s boring! Not to mention, you want a little nutritional diversity. I want something quick yet delicious and interesting. What is quicker than taking something out of the refrigerator that was made the night before?


Raw, vegan breakfast custard at


These little raw, vegan, gluten free breakfast puddings are quick and easy. Throw them together the night before and they will be ready when you get up. They last for 3 days in the fridge which is another plus. Made from oats, chia seeds, cashew milk (recipe included), bananas for sweetening and fruit, they are a perfect way to start the day.

Oats are a great source of fiber. They also contain protein, thiamin, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, selenium, and iron. They are filling and help prevent heart disease!* Chia seeds are high in omega 3’s. Something that many of us are lacking. They also have fiber, protein, antioxidants and a wonderful filling quality, like the oats. And cashews are one of the healthiest nuts. They protect your heart, your bones, and studies have shown that a moderate amount of nuts can actually help you lower your risk of weight gain. If you don’t like cashews, you can always substitute your favorite nut-milk.

If you are wondering where we got the beautiful jars, you can find them here: Weck Jars

*Can Oatmeal Reverse Heart Disease


Homemade Cashew Milk at


Find the Cashew Milk Recipe Here: Cashew Milk

Don’t forget you have to start this the day before. But tomorrow morning, you will be happy you did!

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  1. Marie wrote on October 17, 2016

    Hi Susan,
    I’m so glad to find your blog and this lovely recipes. I live in Germany and sometimes it’s really hard to eat in a raw way because in the cold season your body wants to have some warm dishes.
    But these recipes make it much more easier to live and eat raw.

    Sorry for any grammatical mistakes – I’m still learning 🙂

  2. Linda Moore wrote on October 9, 2016

    when you made this on television you added yogurt. Can you tell me how much to add pleases Great show!

    • Susan wrote on October 9, 2016

      Um…I haven’t made this on television. Maybe someone else? Cheers!

  3. Lisa wrote on September 19, 2016

    Can you substitute with almond milk?

    • Susan wrote on September 19, 2016

      Hi, Lisa, That would work just fine! Cheers!

  4. Sal wrote on September 16, 2016

    This is delicious and awesome! I tried it and now I eat it every day for breakfast! Thanks!

    • Susan wrote on September 19, 2016

      You are welcome, Sal! Glad you like it! Cheers!

  5. Julie Johnson wrote on August 7, 2016

    Hi Susan, I’ve been wanting to make chia pudding for awhile & this looks really good! Did you use oatmeal flakes or rolled oats? Thanks! Julie

    • Susan wrote on August 22, 2016

      Hi, Julie, I flake my oats for this but you can use rolled oats, too. Just know they won’t be raw. Cheers!

      • Kaitlyn wrote on February 13, 2017

        Hi Susan!
        I was wondering which raw oats you buy and where? I see on the side you have GF Rolled Oats by Bob’s Red Mill. I have some of that at home, but since I am new to being raw and you say they aren’t raw I was hoping to learn more about the raw oats you buy. I hope this is not too much to ask.
        Have a fabulous day!
        PS I very much enjoy your website and will be sharing it with others.

  6. Marina wrote on April 6, 2016

    HI, I have never eaten raw before so I am a complete newbie to this! 🙂 Could you tell me for this particular recipe ‘vanilla’…is that vanilla extract or paste?! 🙂

    • Susan wrote on April 7, 2016

      You can use either but I used extract. Cheers!


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