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Raw Food Recipes: Hazelnut Cranberry Flatbread

I love the combination of hazel nuts and cranberries and wanted to create a raw food recipe for flat bread with these. I decided to throw in a few pumpkin seeds and some flax for an extra nutritional boost. These breads are great by themselves or with a spread. Pictured here is the Honey Cayenne Almond Spread. These whip up fast and store well in the refrigerator.



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  1. scherry valentine wrote on February 2, 2010

    hi, I was curious about the wheat flour, I am relatively new to raw food cuisine, but I have never heard of this ingredient, is it sprouted, where do I find it?

  2. Michal wrote on February 2, 2010

    This looks so delicious and decadent!

  3. Pure2raw twins wrote on February 1, 2010

    YUMMY! We have a coconut cranberry bread, never used hazelnuts, sounds tasty!!

  4. Carol wrote on February 1, 2010

    Thinking less nuts for low calorie. Perhaps leaving out nuts? Looks great however!! No denying beauty before my eyes. Thanks.

  5. hihorosie wrote on February 1, 2010

    Scrumptious I bet! I’d be curious about a gluten free version of this too.

  6. RawSierra wrote on February 1, 2010

    Could I use a different flour instead of wheat flour? I have coconut flout and brazil nut pulp (dried and sifted) and almond meal flour – just trying to stay away from gluten. This recipe looks so delicious!

    • Susan wrote on February 1, 2010

      You could certainly try. Coconut flour tends to have a very powdery consistency and for that reason I am not a big fan. But oat might work really well.


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