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Raw Ginger Orange Oatmeal Cookies

We have a long standing tradition (as so many others do) of making tons of Christmas cookies. My daughters would descend on the kitchen and hours later, flour everywhere, the fruits of their labor sat on tray after glistening tray, waiting to be consumed by the dozens. And consume we did.


Raw Oatmeal Cookies @ Rawmazing Raw Oatmeal Cookies Rawmazing Raw Cookies


These days, I still love cookies, but not the kind I used to eat. No more butter, white flour and processed sugar. I want my cookies made from healthy, whole ingredients. And, I want tasty cookies.

These little treats are made with  raw oats (gluten free), oat flour and apples. Dried cranberries, ginger and orange nicely fills out the flavor. They are easy to make and have the taste and texture of traditional cookies. Both you and your loved ones will be happy with the results. You can have your cookies and eat them too. Oh wait … that’s cake … we will do that later.

*I get my raw flaked oats from Sunrise Flour Mills

**They are still raw. To find out why, check the FAQ page.


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  1. Andrea wrote on February 3, 2013

    Hello, cookies look wonderful! Quick question, what kind of apples do you use. Green, red, and if red which kind. I noticed in most your recipes you don’t specify. Thx!!!!

  2. Jacqueline wrote on January 22, 2013

    These are so good. My kids ate them all up especially the baby!

  3. Remi wrote on January 6, 2013

    Oh my goodness! This is the 3rd dish that I’ve made from this blog in 2 days. This tastes as good as it looks, and, yet again, the dish looks exactly like the photos. I think the key here is to buy amazingly fresh, sweet, mildly-tart apples, since they’re a large proportion of the recipe. JonaGolds, HoneyCrisp, Gala – something fresh, juicy and not mealy. The amazing apples that I used brightened up the taste and brought these delicious cookies to life.

    Nice job, Susan!

  4. Natalie wrote on January 2, 2013

    Delicious looking cookies!

  5. jodye @ chocolate and chou fleur wrote on December 30, 2012

    These looks so good, and I’m definitely into the orange-cranberry combination lately. These would be the perfect midday snack for me while I work!

  6. Amanda wrote on December 29, 2012

    These look great and so seasonal!

  7. Susan wrote on December 28, 2012

    This recipe calls for dry oats. If you want to soak them, you would then need to dry them before using. Cheers!

  8. nouna wrote on December 28, 2012

    hello, can we soak the flaked oats?

  9. Alicia Gardner wrote on December 27, 2012

    I loved to try your receipe …but I have no dehydrator can I put them in the oven and get the same result?
    and at what temp..pls pls let me know … Thank’s alot.

    • Susan wrote on December 27, 2012

      Alicia, Since this is a raw food website, every recipe has been specifically formulated to be made in a dehydrator, with the food temp staying under 118 degrees to protect the nutrients. I do not test in an oven. You are welcome to experiment. Cheers!


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