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Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon is one of my favorite summer foods. I try to create as many raw food recipes with it as I can. Especially when they are local. Refreshing, filling and a lovely summertime dessert with it’s slightly sweet flavor! The pink, greatly hydrated flesh of the watermelon is very nutrient packed. It is the perfect alternative for summer energy drinks that are packed with processed sugar and chemicals.


Watermelon Lemonade


Watermelon is packed with antioxidants. A great source of vitamin C and also A (from it’s beta carotene) it is also rich in B6, B1 and magnesium which are needed for energy production. It has almost a 90% water content and is considered to be more nutritious than other fruits.

Watermelon is also a great source of lycopene, which is a potent carotene antioxidant. These antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which can cause much damage to us. It contains higher amounts of lycopene than any other fruit or vegetable including tomatoes. In fact, it has 40% more lycopene than tomatoes!

Watermelon is rich in electrolytes sodium and potassium and has a cooling effect on the body. It is no wonder that we find ourselves reaching for a piece on those hot summer days! Who knew it was biological?

Watermelon is fat free but great for energy production. It is also more effective that carrots for protection against macular degeneration.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy watermelon (besides just attacking it with a fork) is to make watermelon lemonade. It is a great way to concentrate all of the wonderful nutritious elements into a great, refreshing summer time drink.

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  1. Emily wrote on May 27, 2014

    I’m sorry if I seem ignorant, but what does 4 C Watermelon mean? Does the C mean cups?

    • Susan wrote on May 29, 2014

      Emily, yes…C is a standard abbreviation for cups. Cheers!

  2. Kai wrote on October 23, 2013

    I just made this and its so tasty, and yes i agree with Lori about agave. I used coconut syrup and would also use stevia but didnt have any on hand. But so gonna use this to the full in the summer months. Love your site.

  3. Jo Flemings wrote on July 3, 2013

    I love this drink but with lime, instead of lemon! Best summer breakfast or refresher!

  4. Maggie Carey wrote on May 18, 2013

    Oh btw, I froze some melon and added it so it was nice and cold. I did have to add a half a cup of water to get it to blend but tastes great and didn’t add any extra sugar, the melon was super sweet.

  5. Maggie Carey wrote on May 18, 2013

    Just made this and added abou 5 mint leaves. Absolutely heavenly. Can’t get anything more refreshing than that!

  6. dewinter ana wrote on August 15, 2012

    dear Susan,

    What do you mean by ‘agave’?
    Is it the fruit or the syrup? I only know agavesyrup, but that is the same as sugar.


    • Susan wrote on August 15, 2012

      It is always agave nectar. I don’t even know if you can buy the cactus… Cheers!

  7. Victoria wrote on March 12, 2012

    O-M-Gee I have a ripe watermelon, lemon and Agave! Can’t wait to make this for tomorrow!

  8. Lori wrote on September 8, 2011

    My husband is a Naturopathic doctor and in one of his natural health care journals there was a long article about Agave. According to them it is HIGHLY processed and is almost as bad as high fructose corn syrup. I see that quite a few of your recipes have it in them. Is there an alternative to it? What is your opinion on Stevia?

  9. Kelly wrote on August 15, 2011

    We made this only substituted the lemons for limes and added strawberries. Wonderful drink and great Popsicle. YUM!!!!


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