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Heirloom Tomatoes: Other Uses


I Found another use for heirloom tomatoes last night. Skyler, my Kuvasz managed to tick off a skunk. I let the dogs out for their evening constitutional and the next thing I knew Skyler was barking up a storm in the woods. Deer? Raccoon?

I called and called to no avail. She was completely ignoring me. I stepped outside to go get her, and at the same moment she came bolting out of the woods at a dead run. The smell hit my nose before she even got close.

Have you have ever smelled the air right after a skunk has sprayed? It smells nothing like what you would normally identify as skunk. It’s strong, pungent, and eye watering. Almost petrol chemical in nature. I recognized the smell immediately as my golden had an encounter with one years ago. Why does this always happen late at night, after a long hard day when all you can think about is your warm, soft bed?

What was my course of action? Skyler lives in the house. Keeping her out for the night was not an option. A friend suggested taking her to a kennel. It is 11:00 at night and I am going to find a kennel that will take a skunk soaked dog? Not to mention putting her in the car…that would be ugly!

The only remedy I could think of was tomato juice. But of course, I didn’t have any on hand. But I did still have some  heirloom tomatoes from my friend, Gray’s farm. Big, beautiful heirlooms that I had been drooling over.  My favorites, the yellow-orange ones that are literally bursting with flavor, waiting for just the perfect moment to transform in to something delicious. Skyler2

Without a second thought, eyes watering, stomach heaving, I grabbed those two, gorgeous tomatoes, chopped them in half and began rubbing them all over her.

Tomato shrapnel was flying everywhere. Sadie was delighted!  I think she thought food was falling from heaven. Who knew pugs liked tomatoes! She was cleaning up the mess as soon as it hit the floor.

Now if you know anything about the Kuvasz, they are a very dignified dog. This whole ordeal was a bit more than Skyler could take. She was obviously disgusted with the whole process. Somehow, I managed the rinse, skunk smell still present but vastly diminished. Skyler walked into the house, collapsed on the floor and gave me a sideways glance to let me know she wasn’t pleased. The only issues I have left are how to remove the tomato stain from her fur, and making the trip out to the farm to beg for more tomatoes!

There is one more thing I have to share about this whole experience. After everything was under control, I found out that there is a certain feminine product that is supposed to be very effective in getting the skunk smell out. When I heard this, I almost fell out of bed laughing. When they originally made this product did they think that women smell so bad that it needed to be strong enough to eliminate something as pungent as skunk spray? Seriously! Still shaking my head about that one.

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  1. dee wrote on May 19, 2010

    the ahem- feminine product thing- it’s true. it works better than anything.
    i have 5 dogs, and it’s saved us many times.
    the people at wal mart look a little funny when i buy the economy size box though!

    • Susan wrote on May 19, 2010

      Dee…love it.

  2. tomatoes wrote on December 9, 2009

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