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Raw Food 21 Day Winter Challenge

I am excited. If you have been hanging around here for a bit, you know I am not consistently a 100% raw foodist. During the summer? Yes. Because it is easy to be 100%. Local produce is plentiful, the weather is warm, we crave salads and fruit. But when the temps dip below zero in Minnesota, there is 2 plus feet of snow on the ground, and you can hear the wind howling outside, a plate of fruit and salad just doesn’t cut it.

If you browse the site, you will find a lot of heartier, raw food recipes that I use in the winter. But I also give myself leeway to eat more cooked food. As the winter progresses, I tend to allow myself greater quantities of cooked food which can degenerate into eating food that is not good for me, cooked or raw. My body says stop, and I listen, and get inspired.

But why am I excited? Tomorrow, February 1st, I am going to start a 21 day full raw winter “challenge”.  Websters defines challenge: “to arouse or stimulate especially by presenting with difficulties.” I guess it fits because eating a raw diet in the middle of a cold, dark winter can be difficult. But doing this challenge should be stimulating and I am hoping it will arouse a new passion for raw in the dead of winter.

I believe that it will also give me new insight into how to over come the challenges presented and find new ways to share them with you. Mostly, I am just looking forward to how I will feel. I will be writing about this every day for the 21 days on the 21 day tab that you will find at the top of the blog starting tomorrow.

As for today, preparation includes cleaning out the refrigerator, restocking using the pantry list, starting sprouts and soaking grains and making some of my staples (flat breads, nut butters, etc.) Creating more recipes for this challenge is going to be fun and exciting. I invite you to follow along or even join me as I walk through the snow covered pines, raw.

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  1. Kelly wrote on February 22, 2010

    Congrats! I just started on my raw journey a week ago and am about 50% raw consistently. I am loving every single minute of this! I love how much better I feel physically, and am amazed by how quickly my body has detoxed from the sugar.

    Keep up the great work & I wish you all of my best!


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