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Raw Cacao Pecan Whoopie Pies

I was walking past store the other day and they had whoopie pies in their window. Of course the first thing I thought was, we need a raw food version of those! I got home and set to work, coming up with a cinnamon pecan filling instead of the traditional vanilla one. Full of nutritious ingredients, these make a wonderful treat or dessert. The filling is fast and easy and the actual cookies are easy, too. They do require rolling out and dehydrating so leave yourself time for that.



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  1. Mary wrote on February 24, 2013

    After I peel them off the non-stick sheet, do I then place them on the mesh tray? Thanks for the great recipes!

    • Susan wrote on February 25, 2013

      Yes to the mesh sheets.

  2. Bay wrote on August 10, 2011

    These look tasty.. I’ve been close to transitioning into raw foods for awhile now. This website made me happy with its available recipes! This one is on a to-do list now. I read some of the comments asking about coconut butter, and as a little DIY tip, there is a video on YouTube where a guy has made a video on making your own coconut oil and coconut butter, etc. Which is always terrific since it is so very expensive.

    • Susan wrote on August 10, 2011

      I have seen those but wonder if the taste comes anywhere near the quality of the ones that are made. I will have to experiment because after all, your finished product is only as good as the ingredients.

  3. Leslie wrote on February 3, 2011

    These look really delicious! I was wondering if you have any suggestions on substitutes for agave? I have read that the fructose content is higher than high fructose corn syrup and that it is actually not raw or unprocessed.

  4. Kelly Parr wrote on June 30, 2010

    Had to comment again! You are an amazing “creator” of yummy goodies! 🙂 Thanks for being such an inspiration!

    • Susan wrote on June 30, 2010

      Thanks, Kelly!

  5. Teisha wrote on June 6, 2010

    If you don’t have a dehydrator can you use a oven? And if you can at what temperature and for how long?

    • Susan wrote on June 6, 2010

      You could try but you wouldn’t be able to keep the temp low enough to keep it raw. But it would still be healthier than the “traditional” version. Since I don’t make these the traditional way, but use the dehydrator, you will have to experiment with times, etc.

  6. Lareece wrote on January 18, 2010

    Hi Susan,

    i just love your pictures and receipes. Again you are Rawazing!!!!!

    Where can I buy coconut butter? I have look in Whole foods and other health food stores.

    • Susan wrote on January 18, 2010

      If your whole foods or coop doesn’t have it…you can order it through the rawmazing store. Click on the store tab.

  7. Ida wrote on January 17, 2010

    Ready to try this- a few questions first. For oat flour, could I just put 5 min. oats in my Vitamix dry container to make flour? Is coconut butter the same as coconut oil? Alright, the rest looks easy.

    • Susan wrote on January 17, 2010

      Coconut oil is not the same as coconut butter. But could be substituted. You won’t get the same flavor. If you can get your oats flour to a silky consistency. I usually sprout and then dehydrate the oats before making the flour.

  8. Lauren wrote on January 17, 2010

    These look amazing and kinda easy too! Love it! 🙂

  9. Zhenya Winters wrote on January 17, 2010

    WOW these look Supper good


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